Rent-to-own agreements, also known as lease options or lease-to-own contracts, are similar to typical lease agreements, but offer the chance for someone to purchase a home or another property. This is a great way to get a reasonably priced home when a tenant may not qualify for a conventional mortgage.

Several professionals are helpful in this process, including a rent-to-own or real estate lawyer. This expert can look through the lease agreement and option to purchase documents to ensure you are getting a solid deal. This gives you a better idea of your obligations and can help you decide where to sign.

However, finding the best real estate lawyer can be challenging. That’s why we searched through the top attorneys in several states who focus on real estate and rent-to-own contracts. You can use the information below to get an idea of who to call to help with your rent-to-own legal documents.


Attorneys like Andrew Abraham, Todd M. Adkins, William H. Anger, and Thomas C. Arendt are considered the best of the best attorneys who work in the real estate world. They offer practices in Phoenix and Scottsdale, and some have been practicing for several decades.


California has cities with expensive properties, so rent-to-own agreements can help all sorts of people. A few of the best options in the state include Ross G. Adler, Gregg J. Loubier, and Daphna Davidovits. They practice in Los Angeles and San Jose with a focus on real estate law of all sorts.


One of the top real estate attorneys in Delaware is Christopher J. Lamb out of Wilmington. Other excellent options include Carl W. Heckert and David W. DeBruin. The latter also provides real estate attorney services for individuals in West Chester, Pennsylvania.


Florida has a considerable number of attorneys, so it can be tough to decide on the best. For example, B. Michael Bachman Jr. is out of Tampa, while Joseph W. Gaynor is located in Clearwater. Other great attorneys for real estate purposes include Brenda Goerks and Daniel F. Mantzaris.


Different real estate attorneys focus on unique areas, whether in Georgia or other states. For example, Amy Baker provides overall real estate law services in Atlanta, while Thomas S. Gryboski focuses some of his time on leisure and hospitality law. Other great choices include Tracey H. Thompson and Ron D. Talley.


When you want to own a piece of oceanfront paradise, a Hawaii rent-to-own lawyer can help. Work with Lisa D. Ayabe in Honolulu, Steven S.C. Lim in Hilo, or Paul M. Ueoka in Wailuku. Duane R. Fisher or Stacey W.E. Foy can also look over your paperwork.


Most of the top real estate lawyers in Illinois are situated in Chicago or Evanston. Choose Kathryn Kovitz Arnold at Taft Stettinius & Hollister LLP, Sean W. Bezark at Greenberg Traurig LLP, or Andrew T. White at Winston & Strawn LLP for all your rent-to-own needs.


For a rent-to-own home in Kentucky, make sure your paperwork is in order with the help of Martin C. Butler in Covington, Charlotte Turner McCoy in Lexington, or David E. Saffer in Louisville. Andrew R. Giannella and Pete A. Smith are other top attorneys in the state.


Excellent real estate attorneys in Louisiana can be found in various cities, including New Orleans, Lafayette, Shreveport, Metairie, and Baton Rouge. Some of the most experienced and recommended include Marguerite L. Adams, Brian R. Johnson, David A. Martinez, and Steven C. Serio.


Most of Minnesota’s top real estate attorneys are located in the Twin Cities, such as Julie A. Drewes, Jodi L. Johnson, and Nancy T. Polomis. However, those closer to Edina will find a great lawyer for rent-to-own situations by working with Christopher R. Sall.

New York

No list of rent-to-own attorneys would be complete without a few names from New York. This is a state packed with real estate and plenty of people looking to get into a new home. Daniel J. Ansell, Robert J. Ivanhoe, Marc A. Landis, and Russ Rabinovich all have the chops needed to help you with contracts.


For a taste of nature among popular cities, Oregon has several well-known real estate lawyers in the state. For instance, Gretchen S. Barnes, Thomas S. Hillier, and Marisol R. McAllister are all based in Portland and savvy with rent-to-own situations. Rachel Atchison and Lauren E. Johnson are also solid choices.


The best real estate lawyers in Pennsylvania are dotted across the map, so you’ll be sure to find one in the area in which you want to move. Choose John A. Barbour in Pittsburgh, Irwin W. Aronson in Harrisburg, Bernard Lee in Philadelphia, or James B. Toohey in Erie.


As more and more people move to Texas, there will be an additional need for rent-to-own homes. The good news is that attorneys are available everywhere, from Amarillo to San Antonio and Houston to Dallas. A few favorites include J. Cullen Aderhold, Bryan L. Goolsby, Rhonda S. Jolley, and Barry J. Palmer.


For those interested in property in Virginia, a bevy of real estate attorneys can help with the process. Consider Pamela S. Belleman in Richmond, Tanja H. Castro in Arlington, or Andrew J. Terrell in Falls Church. In McLean, David L. Miller is also a solid option for your needs.


Finally, Washington has several great real estate lawyers in Portland, Seattle, Bellevue, and more. A few of the options to research include Brad Brigham, Joseph E. Delaney, Larry C. Martin, and John M. Riley III. Sandip Soli and Michael Spence are other top choices in the area.

Final Thoughts

If you are interested in a rent-to-own agreement, you need the proper real estate lawyer to help with contracts and documents. This ensures you only sign if an arrangement is suitable for your specific needs. Use this post to guide your search or hit Google if your state isn’t mentioned to find the best real estate lawyers near you.


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